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I'm posting this because Insoluble wanted me to, in DROD chat.

Basically, a while back I suddenly had ideas for some rooms themed around adders eating/not eating things, or maybe more accurately eating the correct number of things. As I built the rooms, it became clear that a general theme of visual symmetry with puzzles built partly around bits of asymmetry was also present. Since I don't really like manipulating snakes, I tried to minimize that aspect as much as possible, and when it was inevitable it's still at a difficulty level that even I can manage. Also, some rooms try to be deceptive about what needs to go where.

I tried to think of each different thing the player might need to get an adder to eat (or not eat), and build at least one room around that thing. However, the Entrance is just a silly "kill all the things" puzzle once the rest of the level is done, 3N1E is basically a note to self to try to build something using those elements, and I'm not really happy with 1S2E as my "feed him a slayer" room, it just feels too trivial. Other than that I would say that I am very satisfied with all the puzzles I've built here, at least until someone finds the really obvious leaks in them that I missed.

I'm not entirely sure if this will actually be published in this form, or eventually compiled into something bigger (like another "what the hey" or something). Checkpoints are sporadic because this isn't really in what I'd call a "finished" or "near finished" state. But otherwise, since it's been a while since I've made progress on this, some feedback on the puzzles themselves would probably be a good thing.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : FEED ME (...says the adder)
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