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Professor Tio
Level: Delver
Rank Points: 31
Registered: 01-30-2019
IP: Logged

File: Hands Down Preview A.hold (8 KB)
Downloaded 5 times.
License: Public Domain
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"Welcome to Flip Casino, where skill rules over luck!"

4-room preview, like with Waving Views A. Thanks goes especially to Xindaris for helping me set up the main script here. Me being the utter dummy when it comes to scripting stuff in DROD, this took considerable effort to get working properly. Feedback is always appreciated!

Official Hold Progress
TSS - Hunting them RCS tickets
KDD (Original AE version) - 8th level, skipped 5th and 6th levels

Holds In Development
Waving Views - Finalizing
Hands Down! - Formerly Emulation Halls, Preview A available
02-06-2019 at 06:07 PM
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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : Hands Down! (Mosaics of Cards)
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