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Attacked by monsters

This basically does what a decoy, stalwart, or soldier does; enemies will target them if not Beethro (or whatever player character).

Vulnerable to monsters

If a monster (say, a roach) attacks this, it will actually be defeated.

Mimics player

This makes scripting a special mimic-like NPC a lot easier, and allows a lot more freedom.

Bound to walls

Like seep, this monster can move along walls, but not the floor (unless otherwise stated).

Bound to tarstuff

This is also kinda like the "bound to walls" one, but instead of the walls, it can move along tarstuff.

Bound to briar

Also like the "bound to walls" one, but it can live on briar. Live briar, withered briar, and immature briar. This also gives it an immunity to briar growths.

Bound to materials and floor

Combining this with the above "bound to X" imperatives, this means the creature can both move on the floor like a regular roach, and go through the walls/tarstuff/briar.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Feature Requests : A few imperative ideas (To make life a bit easier.)
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