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Real Name: Cameron
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Signature: Camwoodstock - The Epic Blunder, Dugan's Best Janitor, Rooted Hold Runner, Lowest Point Watcher, and 132nd Skywatcher (and 13th Gel Authority)
Mastered all of GatEB, KDD 2.0, JtRH, and TCB! | Saw The Second Sky! (lots of secrets left!)

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Miscellaneous Info: DROD players who aspires to 100% DROD on Steam. Not the brightest, has terminal H&S Board Syndrome. Became the 132nd Skywatcher on January 8th, 2018.

All our "other places I'm at" and "personal info you might actually want to know" stuff can be found in our signature. But, if you must know/didn't know prior for this and are looking for an answer for why we suddenly use "we", the "&" stands for being a plural system. (If you don't know how to reply to us as a result, don't worry about it, you're probably overthinking it.)

PM us "cam sux pinappels lel" if you actually read this!

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