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Moderately often, something that a DROD scripter wants to do is impossible because the timing of events which is available to a custom character is limited to a very specific part of the processing order of a turn, and the thing the scripter wants to detect happens after that part of the order. The end result is usually buggy behavior like waiting until the next turn to detect something or, if something that it's supposed to detect gets moved between its part of one turn and its part of the next turn, failing to detect it at all. It would be very nice, for this sort of thing, to have a command like "Wait for [processing part]", such as "Wait for fuses to process" or "wait for briar to grow", etc., to be tacked on before a check for the presence of a fuse or briar or whatever. The character would run within its usual processing order, then when it gets to that command it would put in a thing to DROD that says "resume running this script's commands after this processing order part has happened". In the case of things that can happen multiple times in the turn process, even just detecting the first time such things happen would be helpful.

Just as a couple of basic examples, this would make things like custom bombs that are supposed to react to lit fuses much easier to produce, and it would even be able to fix the very basic problem of not being generally able to register a challenge which is supposed to flag completion as soon as the room is clear until the turn after the room is clear by having the script wait until the point in the processing order where the game actually "knows" whether or not the room has been cleared.

To my understanding there's already some behavior like this where a very specific "wait for condition" such as "wait for clean room", when used not in an if statement, will actually wait until the part of the processing order before deciding whether to continue the script. I'm asking for an expansion of this so that (for example) a character could wait until the part of the processing order that checks whether a room is clear or not, and then regardless of whether the room is clear or not check for various other conditions and do scripting type stuff. This is kind of confusing to talk about because in DRODscript "Wait for so-and-so" reads like a true-false conditional while what I'm seeking is something that literally waits for something and then without any conditional behavior at all, carries on with the script. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to use these commands like those conditional "wait for"s.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Feature Requests : Wait for [processing part]
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