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So this comes up almost entirely because I made up a custom entity that toggles the existence/nonexistence of a brain in the room it's in periodically, and later learned that using a lot of Generate Entity commands is a potential cause of replay/undo slowdown. But it seems like it'd be useful anyway.

It'd be cool to have a default global variable (i.e., _IsBrained) that detects the presence of a brain in the room (i.e., is automatically set to "1" or "0" on turn 0 depending on whether there's already a brain in the room, and gets set to "1" when a brain gets generated, "0" on the turn all brains are killed) but also influences the behavior of all regular entities in the room by telling them whether or not there's a brain (i.e., the player can set it to "1" or "0" at any time and cause all entities in the room to behave as if there is/isn't a brain in the room respectively).

At the very least this would make unnecessary the workaround Flowers use with an extra character in every room containing a Flower and a Brain whose only and entire purpose is to let the Flowers know whether or not there's still a brain; similarly for any other custom monsters that make use of brain presence.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Feature Requests : Brained Status Variable (Hopefully there's not already a thread for this...)
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