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Just gonna bump this here thread to remind folks about the Architectural Testing Group. This came up in chat the other day and I still think it's a swell idea. Particularly right now when there are a ton of holds in architecture that could use some testing. So I guess this is a call to all DRODfolks out there to go check out a hold in the architecture forum and post some feedback for the architect. Especially if it's a hold that hasn't gotten a lot of feedback yet!

"But I just don't have the time to beta test."
No worries. You don't have to spend a lot of time. Even just spending 15 minutes checking out a couple of rooms can make a difference. There are a couple of holds in architecture at the moment that have zero feedback and even just posting something like "Hey, I tried this out. Liked the first room. Could use a checkpoint here." is swell. And it's super motivating to the architect to know that folks are at least playing things.

"I tried those holds in architecture and they're too hard for me!"
Great! That's terrific feedback to give the architect. And don't feel bad if you can't clear any rooms, just say "I tried this room for about 15 minutes and couldn't clear it. here's where I got stuck..." Some of the most useful feedback for architects is feedback about how difficult or frustrating a room is, so please don't avoid posting just because you feel like a hold is above your skill level!

"I tried the hold, but don't really know what to write."
No worries. Post some demos! You can hit F6 from a room that yo cleared in the hold to view demos then click the "export all" button. You can even save demos of failed attempts at a room if you want (hit F4 to record a demo up to whatever point you are in a room). That can be useful to architects too believe it or not.

Links to neat forum tools that I always have trouble finding:
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