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Similar to the proposed _MyName feature, an editor prefix or suffix added to a variable name or character name would show text, but only in the editor. The text would go away during normal gameplay.

Perhaps we could use $\e (your text here) $ when naming the character or variable, sort of like how we can use $\n$ for newline and $\t$ for tab already. Say I have a character named Sword, a sword that hasn't been upgraded yet, and I want to differentiate it from the upgraded Sword character that has a different graphic and script. I could type into the weak sword's character's name "$\ePlain $ Sword", and it would display as "Plain Sword" to the editor, and just "Sword" in normal playthrough.

I think this would add more flexibility in naming characters and in displayed text throughout the hold.

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11-02-2013 at 06:15 PM
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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Feature Requests : Editor Prefix/Suffix
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