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icon The Architectural Process. (+1)  
If you aim to share your hold with other people, do it this way:

1. Make your hold.
2. Test your hold so that you are certain all rooms are solvable.
3. Post your hold here on the "architecture" board and ask for feedback. Alternately, if you have a CaravelNet subscription, you may create a private beta board and invite forum members of your choice to help you out with testing.
4. Respond with any changes to the hold you feel are appropriate.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the hold is about as good as it will ever be.
6. Submit the hold for approval. The HAs will look it over and verify everything is in order (see here). Once this step is completed, your hold will be officially promoted to the "Holds" board!

It's a good process, and I think you will come to appreciate it. Now, you don't have to follow the process, but that's like saying you don't have to shower or brush your teeth or say that babies are cute when asked. There's social consequences to contend with, of course. And don't let this sound too discouraging--I'm sure you'll do a splendid job. Lots of people are impatiently waiting for you to finish your hold right now!

Animations I made: Paliwal's Pecans * Office Hate * Sleepless Night
Some stuff I wrote: Top 10 Mazes You Canít Solve By Following the Right Wall * Let's Just Lie About Dieting * The Philosophical Reason for Running * Dare to be Mediocre!

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : The Architectural Process. (a.k.a. "Read me first".) This topic has been locked
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