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Author Name:LarryMurk
Submitted By:larrymurk
Hold Name:Magic Show
Theme:Perform a magic show.
Author's Difficulty:
Number of Levels:5
Number of Rooms:27
Number of Monsters:315
Version:DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold
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Hold Karma:3 (+3 / -0)
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Level: Master Delver
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Registered: 09-09-2009
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icon Re: Magic Show (+1)  
Another amazing hold by my favourite architect. I remember downloading this quite a while back - oh, the joy of participating in my own magic show. And yet - it is still one of the best holds today. It's rated as the hardest hold, too!

I enjoyed the Deadly Tricks level the most - Infinite Enemies took a good few attempts before understanding the trick (though I have yet to solve the challenge version of this level). Escape Tricks was amazing, too - really clever puzzles that you tend not to see often in very many holds.

9 brains, 10 for fun. Quite possibly one of my most favourite holds. I have yet to fully master it (I hate clowns), but I'll try to conquer this little gem. A must-have for any experienced DROD-er. The hold aesthetics are pretty cool, too - I liked the designs in the mini-map. That makes the whole experience more lively.

55th Skywatcher

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10-09-2009 at 08:33 PM
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da rogu3
Level: Smiter
Rank Points: 489
Registered: 04-06-2011
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icon Re: Magic Show (+1)  
This is definitely my favourite larrymurk hold. Tar cutting, movement order, efficiency, and other devious lynchpins are all present here.

Probably the best thing about this hold, is that most rooms have fairly simple solutions, and yet finding them is much trickier than it seems. I'll describe a few favourites - Spark Tricks 1S is perhaps the only room with multiple mimics that I've actually enjoyed solving. 1E on the same level was extremely clever, too. I loved the 2 efficiency rooms in Escape Tricks, and their respective secret rooms as well. Deadly Tricks 1W was a neat little room as well.

Some rooms however, weren't at all great. Deadly Tricks 1S felt a bit straightforward. 1N was terrible.(edit: Actually, that sounds a bit harsh, the room was still well made, but I just didn't like it) I absolutely hated that room (even when reading the trick in H&S, it was annoying to carry out). That one room stopped me from giving the hold a perfect 10 for fun.

The final level made up for it though, the first 3 clown rooms were so simple, yet so devious to figure out (the last one in particular, very sneaky trick!)

And that final room is one of the best I've ever played. It was extremely satisfying to complete.

Overall, this is a must-play for experienced DROD players. Difficulty-wise, (by today's standards) I don't think this is one of the hardest holds, at least not 8.5 brains. Compared to Magic Show 2 and many TCB holds, this isn't too difficult. So if any of you tried this hold years ago and gave up, now is a good time to replay it.

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10-01-2011 at 12:56 PM
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icon Re: Magic Show (+1)  
A quality hold from Larry once again. Full of trademark LM puzzles of various flavours. Some seemed rather simple and obvious but there were plenty that were not and in some cases after struggling to clear a room you then find a secret variation that is even worse!

You could argue the hold is lacking somewhat in presentation but that's understandable given the engine and the age, and when the puzzles are this good it really doesn't affect your playing experience anyway.

Difficulty: 8
Fun: 8

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07-29-2015 at 11:12 PM
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