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Everyone likes Tuenans. They have the best food, the best music, the best parties, and they never seem to let it go to their heads. If you were planning a vacation, and can manage the expense and risk of spending five to fifty months at sea, by all means, go to Tueno!

At one time, Tueno was overrun with Zealot's Plague, a disease which creates a state of bliss in those who carry it. That doesn't seem so bad, but ask yourself: do you really want to be happy all the time? If you were starving to death, for example, violent desperation is probably a more useful mood. After a century of bloodshed initiated by the uninfected, every one of the zealots on the continent were killed. Fearing more would arrive from Akandia, Tueno then contracted with Glorthorred engineers to build the Plague Wall, which spans 1800 miles of the north Tuenan coast. Occasionally, a raft comes floating over the Epharus carrying a friendly, naked Akandian who seeks to "Spread the Bliss". The Tuenan response is invariably a volley of arrows sent down from the wall.