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It wouldn't be fair to say that every person on this snow-covered continent is a bloodthirsty cutthroat. No, of course not--many Rasaruns are merely opportunistic cheats. If you sail into the Brentish Sealet with goods to trade, Rasarun port authorities will pull out an abacus and figure if it will be most beneficial to trade with you, to board and murder your crew, or to sink your ship from afar and salvage goods from the watery wreckage.

Although noone really wants to deal with Rasaruns, it becomes necessary since the continent spans the entire equator, and blocks travel between the North and South. To journey from Glorthorred to Tueno probably means you will take Thurjin's Way along the Whittled River, becoming a painfully obvious target for banditry, and then pay a brutal toll at The Pinch in exchange for passage into Bractea, which is also an uncomfortably hostile place to be. You might instead try navigating through the icy Smuggler's Maze, but...

No, just don't do that--it's a terrible idea.