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Glorthorredians take pride in doing things the hard way. For instance their Hundred-Foot Wall, that encloses nearly the entire continent, could probably have been about fifty feet high and made a perfectly suitable defense against floods and skrekken. Generally, they are a serious people, and can be expected to honor an agreement, but not to laugh at a good joke. In trade exports, they are giants. Glorthorred functions as a factory machine, with busy citizens inside its metal walls producing a neverending stream of goods. These are systematically routed to waiting ships, and launched to foreign ports for sale.

We shouldn't make the Glorthorredians sound like they're all business. Your typical Glorther is an avid stump collector, travelling to exotic locations on weekends in search of unusually-shaped tree stumps he will uproot, drag home, and proudly affix to his walls. That's only just one example, from the many popular pastimes (three, since last we counted) that people in Glorthorred enjoy.