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Wubbas are very mysterious creatures. If the Empire created them, no one has taken responsibility for them. They have no discernible eating habits, though it's surmised that they eat lichen and the occasional squashed corpse by ingesting it through their porous skin. There have been reports of them eating larger creatures, but usually this requires them to be in a mushy form beforehand.

Named after the childhood toy they resemble a big fluffy white blob, they are more of a nuisance than anything. Their mentality is to come towards a smitemaster who is in a direct orthagonal line facing them and move towards them (using an identical movement pattern to rock golems and gel babies, but without the ability to move in shallow water). They won't eat them, but they will follow it until they are evaded.

To an uncautious smitemaster, these creatures may seem harmless, but they can be the demise of many. They can block passages, trapping you inside, or a large group of them can surround you completely, leaving you helpless.

Always beware of wubbas lurking around five foot wide passages. If you aren't careful, there's a chance that they could block the passage, rendering you helpless. When it comes to avoiding wubbas, corners are your friends. If you can cut the corner in the least amount of moves possible, you should end up on the opposite site of the wall as the wubba.

Most importantly, remember that although walls and obstacles may block the view of a wubba, they will be able to sense you.

Detailed Behaviour Analysis

Wubba movement logic is identical to that of gel babies and rock golems. However, unlike those two monsters, they cannot move through shallow water.

Wubbas cannot be harmed by swords. They cannot harm the player.