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JtRH Graphics - Style Modifications

For all of these styles, unzip them into your Data/Bitmaps folder. You should notice a *.tim file included in there. Remember the name of it, and add a line to your drod.ini file that looks like this:

Style1=The *.tim's name.
To revert back to the classic styles, delete all of the images starting with Style# and remove the second Style# line in your drod.ini file.

More instructions and credits can usually be found inside the archives.

[Note that a more complete list of all fan-made styles and mods can be found on the forum HERE]

Sanctum 2
By: William Frank

For all of the fans of the Sanctum style in AE, you can get the same bricky goodness with this mod! Even if you've never played AE, this style feels a bit darker and more "dungeon-y" than the default three. Be sure to give this a try!

Download Sanctum Two.

By: William Frank

Inspired by his previous work, Sanctum 2, William took the darkness of the original and increased it ten-fold. This is currently my personal favorite, and am using it instead of Foundation. Try playing an extremely hard room using this style, and you'll get nightmares, which is an amazing feat.

Download Volcano.

By: Leroy

While still at a beta stage, this makes for an interesting high-contrast style for DROD. I'm sure that as soon as the minor bugs like the seams get worked out, this mod will gain more ground. Be sure to give it a try!

Download Toscana.