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The Harpactognathus Gentryii, or "Snatching Jaws", are a terrifying creation of the Rooted Empire. Originally conceived as a defense against intruding roaches, goblins, and plumbers, the Gentryii proved to be far too effective at their jobs, being frightfully non-obedient and fiercely territorial. They are a large chrome-like sphere, with electric motors driving wheels on the undercarriage. Thanks to a public works project, most of them are also chained to the walls of their territory, restricting their movement within a certain reach.

The metallic plating of the Gentryii is thick indeed; unlike a flat surface like a dungeon wall or a rock golem's torso, a sword or axe will just glance off the curve, doing minimal damage. Only a pushing weapon can move the head, stunning it while it regains traction. However, the Gentryii's head is also thick enough to resist crushing blows from all sorts of heavy weapons. The only way to truly remove it would be to drop it in a pit or deep water (and forget about it), or melt it in a furnace. Conventional explosives or hot tiles are simply not hot enough to affect them. Oremites also ignore the alloy Gentryii and their chains are made of, as it is too difficult for them to digest.

Gentryii follow their programming to gnash intruders, even while chained to the wall. They take the familiar roach movement pattern and benefit from brain commands. When it is at the edge of its chain, it pulls the chain taut across the floor, and around any catching points. However, the Gentryii cannot untangle itself and may get completely stuck behind its own chain. Although they may be nearly invulnerable, they are still not particularly intelligent. When idle, Gentryii may be seen making barking noises at other monsters, or enjoying a good bone.