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3.0+ - GeneralTiles Mods

These are mods that affect graphics that are style-independent. Things like character mods, changes to things like monsters, pressure plates, and other fun things can be found down below.

For all of these, you'll need to know about your Data\Bitmaps folder, as well as your drod.ini file. In Windows, they'll be located in C:\ProgramData\Caravel\drod_(version)\, and from there you can follow the instructions for each mod!

'Classic' Pressure Plates
Provided by: Caravel Games

DROD history time! Back when The City Beneath first came out, pressure plate graphics were considerably more stylized than they are on any new install. After a couple of months on the market, it was changed to something that, while less visually appealing, is a little more representative of what each type of plate does.

Now, if the above paragraph wasn't an indication, I'm biased to the old ones. That said, it doesn't matter who in the argument is right, because you can revert back to the classic ones through a simple mod! Simply extract the zip for your respective version into you Data\Bitmaps folder, and add in 'General=pressurePlates5_0' into your drod.ini file (Located in the Data folder!), and you're good to go!

Download 'Classic' Pressure Plates for TCB
Download 'Classic' Pressure Plates for GatEB
Download 'Classic' Pressure Plates for TSS