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Agriculture is the dominant source of food in the Eighth. Most of the crops planted need to be able to grow and develop quickly before they become victims to floods or cold. There are some exceptions to this, as some plants produce fruit only when completely submerged in water, while others can survive throughout the year during rainy and cold seasons. Sea cabbages are another exception, as they float on top of the water. These plants live in salt water and require nutrients from the water to grow. Sowing these in coastal towns is ideal, where farmers can grow a crop and then ship them inland to sell.

Fish, while rare, are another choice of food for some. Spoostlefish are a common food for communities lacking agricultural systems. However, when the floods come, the plains are quickly populated with many species of fish and other aquatic animals, many of them dangerous and inedible.

Exterminators have been able to gain footing in the food industry, as some have started to collect the killings in dungeons and turning them into cleverly prepared dishes. Most people believe that this is an extreme case of acquired taste, as not very many people have the stomach to be able to eat roach.

Eyeball pudding, another specialty of exterminators, is a rather putrid dish, not recommended by anyone who has tried it before or by anyone with an ounce of common sense. This is why the Smitemaster's Guild banned the substance being served at its meetings.

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