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Bureaucratic Analysis (By Calamarain) (Non-Canon)

Initial Analysis of new dungeon specimen

Report submitted by: 30th Analyst
Code: 30A-IA30020-A

Preliminary Appelation: Delver, though subject refers to himself as "Beethro Budkin"

Appearance and Distinguishing features: Subject, henceforced referred to as the Delver, is basically human, with a distended middle portion and unattractive features. He is always clad in a yellow shirt and brown trousers, neither of which appears to be in the cleanest of condition. It is hypothesised that the stains on these pieces of clothing come from dthe destruction of a large portion of the Empire's flora and fauna as he appears to show no signs of injury or decreased mobility besides some minor scarring (see attached insert re: serpent tooth patterns and biting strength). He has three locks of hair which arrange themself into an unusual pattern of spikes.

Abilities and Armaments: Subject carries nothing except minor dungeoneering supplies and an overlarge sword. Although effective against minor creatures (see report 44A-A34998-C by 44th Analyst regarding armaments), it appears to hinder his mobility. While he is able to move in any direction at speed, he does not appear to be able to turn. This will be addressed later in the "Threat" section.

Known Associates: The Delver appears to already be known to the goblins as "Beethro the Butcher". Interrogations of seventeen goblin subjects by 102nd Torturer reveal that he is adept at slaughtering them, despite his mobility handicaps. It is believed that he has learned their patterns of movement and body language and is thus able to circumvent them. They are unaware of any reason why he would commit genocide against their population apart from a single incident involving a carved wooden figurine. (see report 902D-B99909-A by 902nd Financier regarding goblin business dealings in time period 31066-1). They have attempted multiple attacks upon him, but thus far have been unsuccessful. The Goblin King (external subject 202-201) has taken an interest and is believed to be planning direct action.
The Delver has several family members. Though he has no children or vatborn, he has several siblings who do. One of those spawned from this subset is named Halph (temporary adjunct 4967) and is accompanying the Delver on his journey. It may be possible to subvert this individual, (see inquiry from the Dugandy DAA Outpost 91).

Threat: Despite being previously believed to have an intelligence rating of below 400, the Delver was able to completely clear all of Hold 57A-2211 below Dugandy Castle, and defeat the individual known as the Neather. This indicates a high level of skill and intuition if not cunning. It was previously recommended that his Threat level be upgraded to 7, and a Slayer be dispatched immediately to investigate and dispose of him before he comes any closer to the Empire. It has also been discovered (see insert 101P-29552-GHA from 101st Potion Brewer) that the Delver is able to make use of potions. While the theoretical effects of the various brews have been known and calculated for over 500 time units, no current citizen of the empire has been able to use and control them. Automated clones have been installed in the Torture Chambers, but no one-to-one control has been yet possible. This raises the Threat level of the Delver to 9.5, and he must thus be approached with extreme caution if he is within the vicinity of any potions. Theoretical calculations (see insert of preliminary report 11A-36381A-Q by 11th Analyst) indicates that with the use of a mimic, clone or speed potion the Delver could dispatch several Slayers with ease.

Known Weaknesses: The Delver has an emotional attachment to Temporary Adjunct 4967, and it may be possible to use this against him. While no current monsters will willingly attack harm TA-4967, it may be possible to capture or imprison him. The Delver also has the set of standard human physical weaknesses, and it is noted that a sword, a hook or an explosion would be sufficient to dispose of him. It is unknown if he can swim, as he has not entered any large pools of water since his entry into the Hold, remaining on the edge in order to refill his water bottle. Further analysis (see attached report by 10th Analyst) should be given to the possibility of collapsing bridges. Also, as his sword hinders mobility it may be possible to overwhelm the Delver with large numbers from all directions. A further possibility is to trap the Delver within a batch of the Awakened Mud or Forbidden Gel (see attached report by 23rd Mud Technician and attached report by 45th Gel technician) and await starvation. Further to this, the Delver appears to trigger trapdoor destruction, and thus it may be possible to trap him this way.

Recommended Action: Delver is of high threat and of an unpredictable nature. The safest course of action would be to keep him as far away from Rooted Hold as possible and learn from him what we can. Failing this, destroy him at all costs.