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I'm progressing pretty well now, but some of the levels are really challenging to master. I have been stuck trying to figure out how to master "Seven Seas of Rhye". I can get to the red exit short only an emerald, but can't quite figure how to get them all.

On the positive side, row 5 generally offers significant point totals with levels averaging 1500-2000 points for mastery.

Fun levels in this group:

Trials of Hercules, Follow the Leader - these were not particularly difficult levels. Pretty obvious what to do.
Fire and Brimstone - This one took some thought. Pros: easy to tell when you've made a mistake. Cons: Hard to stay under the time limit to master the level.

Happy Twins - There's a trick to this one that makes it very easy. 2100+ points here.
Way too many gems - When I first came across Quality Assurance I didn't like this type of level. But by now this was a breeze. I like the teleports in this level for some silly reason. This was pretty easy to master as well.
Through the Waterfall - This level is fun to play with as the combination of cloner and teleports gives plenty of options. It is maybe a bit too easy to overflow with cloned objects. Mastering is quite challenging however as it's a race against the clock (and don't clone the player in hard mode, no matter how fun it may be to use your doppleganger as dynamite.)
The Bitter Taste of Defeat - I found this level pretty straightforward.
Obedience Course - This one gave me a lot of trouble at first. But that was because I thought the cryo bird needed to pick up the life preserver in the bottom right corner and herding it there proved quite the challenge. Once I realized what I needed to do it was much simpler.
Ace of Spades - There are a lot of ways to combine explosives, bombs, and transmuters together. The room with the laser had me scratching my head for quite a while, trying to figure out how to run past falling diamonds and not get shot by the laser.
Bermuda Triangle - Nice variety here. I liked the way each compartment is its own self contained puzzle.
06-13-2005 at 10:34 AM
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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Crystal Shard Games : Hard levels
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