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(contains spoilers, so if any talk of what is in the game bothers you stop reading now..)

I just wanted to say, i am extremely impressed with this game. I love adventure games, and old classics. When i saw this on the PC gamer web site, i thought.. ok i'll bite, i'll check it out. I figure i have nothing to lose but a bit of DL time, which i spent playing Tropico. The game finished Downloading but it was late, and i went to bed.

The next evening i decided to give the game a try, and was immediately hooked. Right from the start, the way the opening scene played out. The music, the slight game play features of jumping, and sneaking, the Credits rolling on the screen, to the two headed troll stalking. It had the feel of a great cinematic, in classic 16 bit styling. Being in the village with the cold, and the snow, and hungry. Freezing while trying to find food.. (i think i would of made food a bit harder to get, or at least maintain. Or options to hunt/forage to help the people of the town as well) After a bit food became not an issue, which i kind of thought was too bad, but cold was still an interesting issue. The forest felt harsh and dangerous, and interesting quests were to be found. I also enjoyed the humor a lot.

I especially liked how time was an issue, and people had lives they lived. Even if it was just a few characters, it went a long way to making the world feel less static.

As the story progressed, i found my self becoming interested in the characters, and some of the voice acting was a hoot. The dumb two headed troll was great.. And my new favorite critter ever to be in any game.. Ratatok? the squirrel of Dooooooom. Boo the giant space hamster has been dethroned. Sure boo is cute, and cuddly and has skills. Squeak.. go for the eyes boo, go for the eyes! He just did not have Doom.. I swear i laughed so hard when i met him again at the tree on the turn out of that scenario involving a foot.

When i finally got to the underground cave i was struck by this feeling of something familiar, as it reminded me so much of fallout. I half expected a giant toxic rat to appear. (why no giant cave rats?) I chased many green cubes as well, I know they must be there for a reason, but what i have no idea. (same with the white rabbit in the snow)

When i finally made it to the upside down world, i was dead tired having pulled an all niter. And look forward to see what is to come after i get back to town with the boy.

All and all, I must say, i was so pleasantly surprised how fantastic the game is. I thought it would be fun, but i did not see it sucking me in and enjoying the ride as much as i have. I've been gaming since Pong, and adventure games are some of my favorites and i put this up with any of the great ones for fun factor. I can't wait to see how it all ends..

I truly hope you make more and would love to see more in this series. Thanks people..
01-07-2014 at 03:13 PM
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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Crystal Shard Games : Excellent game! (thanks..)
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