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The Deed is Done...

"Released to the World,
   after extensive efforts
      for over a year
        by people who
      should have instead been:

   - Looking for a job.
   - Studying for tests.
   - Spending time with their loved ones.
   - Planting trees.
   - Watching C-SPAN and writing down names of bastards. the game which looks depressingly similar to the one I wrote five 
years ago with Lucas Swineford, even though it has been 99% written from 

- Erik

Caravel DROD has completed it's beta testing and is ready for all you good people to start a download of it right away! Download it, play it, enjoy it, and DISTRIBUTE IT! Spread it around! Spread the joy! Spread the love!

The testing was long, intense, brutal, and bloody, but that doesn't necessarily mean we found all the bugs. If you happen to run into a problem during the course of play, please let us know by e-mailing Please, do not ask for tips or help in a particular room with this address. You can e-mail me at for room help if you need it!

I don't want to talk too much about Caravel DROD because you must experience it for yourself. Therefore, onto other news.


Erik is on his way to Paraguay for a job opportunity. (he's been unemployed for quite some time now) He'll be there for about 6 months, and then he'll return with a huge wad of cash which he'll use to start a new company, Beethro Inc., that will manufacture a product that we will call "DROD-helmets," an amazing innovation that will transmit signals from dungeon brains directly into human brains, instantly liquifing all portions of the cerebrum that aren't used in successful Caravel DROD play. Shipment should begin in June.

Seriously though, he'll be gone for about 6 months, but I assume that he'll keep in contact of course. And even if he doesn't, Mike Rimer and Brad Wall are more than capable of keeping things in order.

Speaking of Mike, he recently said that the level editor he's been working on is around 50% complete already! It could make it into the next release, so stay tuned! (I've already got some ideas...)


08-14-2003 at 06:40 PM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : The Illumination : DROD News for 10/27/02
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