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If you want to go for a ride with your friends, ride on the inside:


Don't be alarmed by the pictures, folks. I'm quite alright. On the 11th, I went out with my friends Zakk and Drew to go play DDR at the mall. After it closed, we just started cruising around on some back country roads where there's maybe one car every 2 hours. Anyway, we got out of the car to watch for a meteor shower that was supposed to occur, when I decided it'd be fun to go for a little ride on the hood of Zakk's car. I sat down and laid back against the windshield, while Zakk started to drive. We got to about 25-30 mph, and something possesed me to try and hop off the hood. It didn't seem all that fast, and I figured I would fall down, but I didn't think I'd crack the back of my head on the pavement and lose consciousness. -.- When I came around 3-5 minutes later, I remember both of them trying to help me up, but I kept stumbling. When they got me into the car I was fully alert, a little groggy, and completely aware of the throbbing pain in my head and neck. I asked that they take me home, and I went inside and tried to go to sleep. Now, maybe its just me, but when raising your arms to take your shirt off makes you briefly pass out, I take that as a sign as something being wrong. I told my mom what happened... er... I told her I fell out of the car, and that I thought I might have a concussion, and that I was in a lot of pain. To make an already long story shorter, A trip to the ER, a saline IV, 5 x-rays, a CAT Scan, a stylish neckbrace, gobs of pain meds, and plenty of lecutring later, I seemed to be alright. Few weeks passed, no more pain, took off the neckbrace, and voila! Good as, well, good as I used to be. Don't ride on cars.

Anywho, the update.

Caravel DROD is starting to look much different from Webfoot DROD, so I made a new Screenshots page to show it off. I wanted to update yesterday, but I couldn't stop myself from playing it and staring at all the new graphical touches, and listening to all the new sounds...


Yep. Sten Ryason, who has an uncanny resemblance to Beethro himself, has started recording voices for Beethro and the 'Neather, and possibly other sounds, but I'm not sure. Nothing is more rewarding than Beethro's powerful laugh when you conquer a room, or more frightening than the 'Neather snickering when he releases a horde of roaches on you. It truly sounds great.

I've grown very fond of the new tunes in the game as well. Some of the new stuff in the game includes automatic saving, your game is saved after every room you clear. Restoring your games is easier too, and you can also return to any room in any level you've cleared to try it again if you wish. You can now record, save, and play your own demos as well. Good fun for all!

In other news, Adam H. Peterson was kind enough to submit a new DROD Challenge. Thanks! It's the only addition to that section this time, so I'll put it here in the news as well.

(53,550) - Complete the room without striking the orb.

School starts for me again in two days. Bummer. Here's my schedule for the curious:

2002 - 2003 Schedule
First Semester

Period 1 - N/A
Period 2 - Honors Physics (Room 103 )
Period 3 - Pysical Education (Gymnasium )
Period 4 - American Government (Bahling, Stuart/Room 242 )
Period 5a - English 11 Av (Clawson, John/Room 211 )
B - Lunch (Cafeteria )
Period 5C - English 11 Av (Clawson, John/Room 211 )
Period 6DE- AP Programming Java (Henderson, Richard/Room 49 )
Period 7 - Trigonometry (Johnson, Kris/Room 10 )
Period 8 - English 12 Av (Polemikos, Kathryn/Room 218 )

Second Semester
Period 1 - N/A
Period 2 - Honors Physics (Room 103 )
Period 3 - Pysical Education (Gymnasium )
Period 4 - Computer Graphics 2 (Woodman, Gail/Room FA10 )
A - Lunch (Cafeteria)
Period 5BC- Study Hall (Sutherland, Erin/Room 25/43 )
Period 6DE- AP Programming Java (Henderson, Richard/Room 49 )
Period 7 - Statistics (Neff, Gerald/Room 08 )
Period 8 - English 12 Av (Polemikos, Kathryn/Room 218 )

Don't pay any attention to the goofy numbering of the classes. The letters represent the 5 lunch hours. (Example, First Semester, my English class is interrupted by the lunch hour. I go to English, go to lunch, then go back to English for another 20 minutes. It's so dumb.)

Note: I am fully aware that the Request Table page has not been udpated in some time. I'll get to it when I've got ambition... I never liked that page.. grr..

Hmm... I think that's all for now. Claythro out.


08-14-2003 at 06:34 PM
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