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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : Swortho squares (I spent most of today scripting a sword-related variant of the orthos)
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Greetings, good people of the forums!

As this has been something I have been thinking about for quite a while (and learned today that it's something a couple other people have been imagining), I decided to take it upon myself today to try and script this new element myself. It's a little clunky and VERY buggy as of now (known bugs outlined in scrolls within the attached demo level), but still fully functional! I present to you...


...Swortho? Swordtho? Orthord? Who knows.

Stepping on one locks you into pointing your sword one of the four cardinal directions. Rotating occurs in one single turn and doesn't leave you accidentally swiping something on the diagonal halfway. The attached demo hold shows off various puzzle ideas and instances of potential these new squares can hold, as well as an extra variant that combines sworthos with regular orthos!

The demo level is set to be edited by anyone, so if anyone wants to try and take a stab at looking at and debugging my scripts, go for it. I'd love to hear whatever you try or manage to fix (or if you break it further!) I also give permission to use the scripts and graphics in your own holds so long as I get credited if the scripts and graphics are copied exactly, with extra credits to debuggers if they play a middleman role.

P.S. As per the promise in Known Bug scroll #5, here are the two instances of the bug persisting.
Click here to view the secret text

Open to critique, suggestions, alterations, etc.!

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11-30-2020 at 07:48 AM
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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : Swortho squares (I spent most of today scripting a sword-related variant of the orthos)
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