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Hi folks, you may or may not be aware of a massive cleanup that happened over at the Bugs board over the course of last few weeks. Here is what happened:

(before I start, there is this very fancy tool for looking up threads by their status which has been very helpful in getting all of this cleaned up)

- For every Bugs thread that had last activity before 1st of January 2010, I've marked it "Cannot Reproduce" so that they disappear from the bug list. From some spot checks I have failed to find any thread that would be relevant nowadays so I felt comfortable doing just that. This removed something like 95% of threads
- Then I went through all of the remaining ones - checking if they are still relevant, categorizing them and finally assigning them to myself if it was something I wanted to do.

If you go to the the page above and set the filters to:
- Status: Bug Verified, In Progress, Needs to be investigated
- Assignee: Select all
- Board: DROD Boards/Bugs
you can see all the threads, and if you filter by me you can see all the stuff that I personally want to get done for 5.1.1.

Let's go back to Feature Requests. I want to do something similar. Specifically this:
- I will go through the first 10 pages of feature requests, changing their statuses and replying with explanation why it might be done or why it might not be done. Keep in mind - just because I mark something as "Needs to be investigated" does not mean it will be implemented in 5.1.1 or 5.2. Similarly, just because I mark something as "Not a bug" does not mean it will never make it into any future DROD game, if they'll ever come, just that I personally don't see it being implemented ever. Thing may change in the future, but I mostly want to have a cleaned up board while we're doing serious DROD development.
- Then I will go through all the older feature requests which have any kind of status applied to them (other than Fix verified) and do the same
- Afterwards I'll run a database query which will automatically mark all the remaining feature requests as "Not a bug" to achieve the cleanliness

Here are the criteria I will follow:
- If it's something that can be simulated with scripting, I'll mark it as "Not a bug".
- If it's a new game element I'll err on the side of marking it as "Not a bug" - I don't fathom new elements being added without a new big official hold being released. It appears that almost always new elements for new releases can't really be linked back to a specific feature request thread. It is fun to talk about them and speculate though!
- Any change that strikes my fancy but is enormous and unfeasible to do for 5.2 will be assigned to "Unspecified future release"
- Anything else I'll weigh the feasibility of implementing it and take action I find appropriate. I'll mostly concentrate on usability improvements and scripting expansions

The bottom line is...

If there are some super old feature requests that you're aware of and want them to be implemented/considered this is the time to necrobump them.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Feature Requests : Incoming feature request cleanup (Necrobump the old ones lest they fall into eternal obscurity)
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