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icon Editable Score Conversion Values (+6)  
DROD PRG is harcoded to have the following things count during scoring:

40 HP = 1 point
ATK = 5 points
DEF = 3 points
Yellow key = 10 points
Green Key = 20 points
Blue Key = 30 points
Skeleton Key = 30 points

It would be nice to be able to edit these, there are a number of holds where the author wants to be able to rank the player on other metrics, such as REP or making each HP count for 1 point.

I propose some built in vars:

The vars can be set to the following values:
* Positive number - X points per each one you have (e.g. _ScoreAtk = 5)
* Negative number - 1 point per X you have (e.g. _ScoreHp = -40)
* Zero - Does not show up in scorepoint score window

These could all have default values that replicate the current scoring method so all old holds are abckwards compatible. (NOTE: _ScoreGr and _ScoreRep would default to 0)

The scorepoint window can also be adjusted to show lines for all non-zero values, with a clarity as to how it is calculated e.g.:

326 HP      / 40 = 8
12 ATK      * 5  = 60
3 DEF       * 3  = 9
Score            = 77

Of course it would still be nice for authors to also drop in a scroll explain this, but this has currently worked out pretty well for editing the hot tile damage values so I think we can safely rely on them doing that.

Some things to consider:
* How do you handle someone putting in a ridiculous conversion value for one of these and busting past MAX_INT for any of these, or the total score? Just something the HAs will need to look out for?
* Don't forget that the total score also shows up when right-clicking the player, and on the Restore screen when you click on a save.

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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Feature Requests : Editable Score Conversion Values
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