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icon Express Thru (+3)  
Ever since Snakebird came out I've been searching for any good puzzle games on Android that have a DROD feel to them and have been rather unsuccesful.
Finally I found Express Thru in Google Play.
and really got into it. The levels to begin with are fairly easy but it ramps up (especially on the bonus levels).
Very recommended for all the DROD-lovers looking for a smart mobile game (in addition to the many (mostly old) games suggested in this forum.
btw - If anyone knows of any good and lesser-known puzzle games on Android - I'd appreciate a recommendation.
05-13-2020 at 04:01 PM
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icon Re: Express Thru (+1)  
I've been playing this off and on. I like it.

The puzzles start off super easy, and very gradually increase in difficulty. Well, I haven't gotten far - I'm just in the Belinda levels. They're just starting to get to the point where my first idea doesn't work and I have to think a bit and try multiple approaches.

The UX of the game is very polished, and has many small touches giving you information about how your route will fare as you create it. Stylistically, the game promotes the idea you are building a factory by constructing elements that are implied by the route you choose. E.g. If you draw your route next to some packages that can be picked up, it displays an arrow from that square towards your route to show the pickup point. I appreciate this careful use of cosmetics to bring clarity instead of just making the screen pretty.

I don't know every game of this "draw a path" genre, but I haven't seen this set of game elements before so it is fresh to me.

Good, simple game. Very well executed.


Godkiller Gamedev streams (live sessions where I make a new puzzle game. NSFW, mature content)
youtube (archive of live streams, and some animated videos I made. Again, contains mature content.)

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06-24-2020 at 09:41 PM
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