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File: Accessory Training Facility v2.drh (3.7 KB)
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icon Accessory Training Facility (+3)  
This is a hold exploring accessory uses. There are five score points in total, together with some additional challenges. The hold has some optimization focus (it can be conquered in less than 1 minute though). All letter grades are achievable. Comments are welcomed.



## v2
* Remove the north-facing arrow at the entrance.
* Add a tunnel from a secret room to the exit.
* Other aesthetic changes.

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01-13-2020 at 07:48 PM
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icon Re: Accessory Training Facility (+3)  
Reached all five score points including the A grade. I liked how most accessories have a precise use in gaining just enough greckles to optimize score, with the possible exception of the VIP card and flippers. Unless I missed something those two are not necessary for optimization. The VIP card is nice for scouting ahead and letting you backtrack to bring another accessory to the exit but I could just bring that accessory with me in the first place. The only difference it makes is a bit of rep.

It looks like the flippers are meant for you to reach the pressure plate in 1W in conjunction with pickaxe as an alternative to using wall walking. However every other place where wall walking would be used could be handled using pickaxe or grappling hook so I just used wall walking in 1W. One way to force a use for wall walking would be to remove the walls right above and below the exit in 8E, although that breaks symmetry.

Accessory slots should be spaced out more as right now taking an accessory from the inventory or between rooms involves extra shuffling back and forth as you are forced to drop the accessory on adjacent slots. There is enough room in the entrance to spread out the accessories a bit so there is empty floor next to all slots. For room boundaries it would be helpful to have extra space for transitioning between rooms without stepping on a slot, but I am not sure whether that affects other constraints you have in mind.

The name of the Pass Through Yellow Doors scorepoint should be shortened since right now the word Doors is cut off. Maybe remove one of the words Pass or Through. Also it would be helpful to have a scroll for the Incomplete scorepoint like the others. Right now a player would only know it exists by randomly stumbling across it or looking in the editor after conquering. Speaking of which I believe it is customary to make the hold editable by anyone during the architecture phase, although simply conquering is easy enough that it makes little difference.
01-14-2020 at 03:38 PM
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