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The F1 help describes Flexible beelining, Smart beelining and Pathfinding as follows:

Flexible: When a desired diagonal movement is blocked, choose the better of horizontal and vertical movement that will get closer to the destination (default).
Smart: As flexible beelining, but also will move diagonally closer to the destination when a desired axial move is blocked.
Pathfinding: The shortest path is calculated and taken to the destination. Whenever the currently calculated path becomes blocked, then a new shortest path is calculated.

This is wrong on two counts. Flexible beelining does have the aumtlich-like sidestep, while Smart beelining lacks it, so the descriptions of these two are the wrong way round. (An easy mistake to make, when the names are so uninformative. Couldn't we just rename all the movement types to something that doesn't have the user running to the help to find out what each one does?) The description of Pathfinding implies that, like Halph, it will stick to its calculated path if a previously closed shorter path becomes open. That's true if its destination is a fixed tile, but if the destination is Player, Halph, etc then it recalculates every turn (even if the target stays still).

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Bugs : F1 help: Descriptions of movement imperatives
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