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Throughout 2016 I made myself slowly work on an Architect's Edition hold. It was developed directly in Architect's Edition and I would just pitch in like 30 mins each day. It's pretty cool I think, and I got a lot done.

Sadly I stopped working on it in 2017 and so now it's been about 10 months since I last did anything to it, I should probably post it publically so that if something happened to me, at least it wouldn't die in obscurity. This doesn't mean this hold is abandoned, I should definitely finish it off sometime, but perhaps would be wise to not go with the entire 25-level plan I originally wanted to see if I could achieve that.

This hold has 13 levels (there is a 14th level room but it was just a reminder to myself about the level theme, nothing is really there). The hold starts off with a very restricted set of elements and each level so far is themed around the introduction of a new AE element.

The difficulty curve is a bit all over the place due to element restrictions, but there are some things I should probably do when I pick this back up, for example some rooms in level 5 are a bit too technical on serpent movement and could do with coming later, and levels 12 and 13 are just way too damn hard and should be nearer the end game. But when I pick this back up and add more levels there will be space to shuffle things to later rooms.

This hold is specifically designed to have the 5.0 treatment, which means that while you can play this in AE, the end hold would be converted into TSS and made prettier and add challenges etc, with perhaps the original as a bonus download. Also because this is AE, there are restrictions on checkpoint placement so some rooms need work on the checkpoints.

Every level has exactly one secret room, which is based on another room in the level, and one challenge. Note that of course the challenges are not scripted, as this is an AE hold (something to do when it is 5.0-ified at the end), and secret rooms are merely unrequired and denoted with a scroll, as AE does not have secret room support.

Why don't I 5.0-ify it now? Because I want to finish making it in AE first.

You can play this in AE if you want to, but due to the lack of any undo at all, and only being able to back one checkpoint step, I do not recommend doing that. Also, playing it in TSS records demos which are nice for feedback.

Any feedback would be really nice if you want to give any, so I can deal with it when I get back to this.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : King Nareik's Dungeon (Architect's Edition hold)
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