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I've been playing around with some temporal clone rooms lately.
They involve trying to get an isolated monster to step on a particular set of squares, by having the monster switch targets between Beethro and clones.

The setups are pretty straightforward, but I have no idea if they can be solved or not. If they can be solved, they could make for good rooms in a future hold.
04-13-2017 at 09:57 PM
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They can't be solved right now for a simple reason: The inner corners are closer to the outer corners than anywhere else. Maybe if you make the outer perimeter 3 tiles wide they'd become possible.

(I've experimented with this idea a bit in the past (but using puff instead), so I'm quite certain about this.)

A more mathematical note: Monster movement, unless blocked by obstacles (or said monster is a roach queen), will always increase the difference between the distance from the furthest target and that from the closest target by 2. But obviously, the best you can set back in one turn is also 2 (unless multi-push shenanigans is involved). So there are two ways to make a monster switch between two targets alternatively: either putting obstacles forbidding the monster movement to increase the difference by 2 (actually you can do this to the monsters along the two tiles next to a inner corner), or, again, multi-push.

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04-13-2017 at 10:57 PM
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