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Days left until the Turning

The Second Sky has been out for a few months now, and we've had plenty of time to get used to the new elements and get a feel for how they work. Now, it's time to show off what we've learned.

This contest is based on NiroZ's Elemental Showcase contest following the release of The City Beneath. However, the rules are slightly different this time, so please read carefully.


Prove the usefulness and puzzle potential of one element introduced in DROD 5: The Second Sky. Because we didn't do this contest for DROD 4: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder, I'm allowing soldier horns and squad horns as well. (But not soldiers in themselves, as they are too similar to stalwarts; and not shallow water, which changes gameplay so much that we're all familiar with its puzzle potential by now.)


1. Design a hold with one level, at least four puzzle rooms, and a maximum of ten rooms total.

2. Choose one element from the list below. Every puzzle room in your hold must involve your chosen element.

3. Rooms may contain other new elements, but it should be clear to the player which element you are focusing on (certainly after playing your entire level, and ideally from playing any one room).

4. Your hold must be conquerable and masterable. If you include challenges, all must be solvable. All normal HA rules apply.

5. If you choose an element from the Custom Elements Bonus Pack, you must incorporate it into your hold with exactly the graphics and scripts provided.

6. Other than custom elements, no custom media may be used.

7. Any scripting available in DROD 5 may be used. However, new scripting commands do not count as elements.

8. Your hold must be playable in build 6060.

9. This contest will close at 2am GMT on 25 November 2014.

10. Maximum 3 entries per person. No more than one entry by one person may win a prize.

What counts as an element?

Everything under one bullet point in the list below counts together as a single element. For elements with multiple aspects, you are not required to use all aspects (e.g. you may do a fluff level without using fluff vents at all, if you choose).

* Gentryii
* Fluff, fluff vents, puffs
* Engineers
* Constructs
* Thin ice, thin ice (over shallow water)
* Floor spikes
* Firetraps, firetraps (active)
* Disabled force arrows, orbs/PPs that affect force arrows
* Squad horns
* Soldier horns
* Powder kegs
* Seeding beacons, seeding beacons (off)
* Staff, token (staff)
* Spear, token (spear)
* Pickaxe, token (pickaxe)
* Dagger, token (dagger)
* Mini-caber, token (mini-caber)
* Temporal split point
Token (sword) is not allowed as a choice for this contest -- but may of course be present in your rooms

Clarification: If your chosen element is a weapon, it still counts as a room using that weapon if it's wielded by monsters / doubles but not the player.

Elements from the Custom Elements Bonus Pack:
Click here to view the secret text


Schik has confirmed this will be an official contest, so standard contest prizes apply:

First place receives 100 rank points and a prize from the Prize Pile.
Second place receives 50 rank points.
Third place receives 25 rank points.
Anyone who has not entered a contest before receives 10 rank points.

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