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The top score for L7 1N is currently 37. But, under the #1 History tab it says that the top score is 35 by Diamond. For L8 7S 3E the current top score is 371. Under the #1 History tab it says the top score is 362 by Diamond. The current top score holder isn't even mentioned. I have no idea how many other rooms there are like this.

I realize that this is petty, but I really hated the 3 tar mother room. I spent days on multiple occasions battling my way through it back in the Webfoot days. Since I don't really believe my current score will stand the test of time, (especially after this post), I just want to record for posterity, in the #1 history, that at one time I was #1 in the room.

I also don't know how big a problem it is to fix. If it's a quick fix I would really appreciate it being taken care of. If it's a more involved problem, I realize that there are likely more important things to take care of.


07-12-2014 at 01:01 PM
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