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In some RPG rooms (e.g. Nameless Fortress, The Ruined Gatehouse, 1S1W) with lots of pressure plates, it's very difficult to see what they do, because when you right-click, that box saying "(8,6) Small potion / Pressure plate" blocks your view of the doors. In regular DROD this wouldn't be a problem -- you use left-click to view the door assignments and right-click if you actually want the info box. In RPG this doesn't work because left-click, by default, moves to the clicked square. I never use this functionality anyway, so I was delighted to see it can be turned off. And then very disappointed to see that doing so doesn't solve the main problem -- instead it makes either click bring up the info box. :thumbsdown

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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Feature Requests : Click functionality
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