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Author Name:khaim
Submitted By:khaim100
Hold Name:war0
Theme:go nuclear
Author's Difficulty:
Number of Levels:1
Number of Rooms:31
Number of Monsters:5566
Version:DROD: The City Beneath (3.2)
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Hold Karma:1 (+1 / -0)
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Level: Legendary Smitemaster
Rank Points: 8
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File: war0.hold (29.6 KB)
Downloaded 737 times.
License: Other
From: Unspecified
icon war0  
some 'movies' added
10-31-2010 at 01:55 AM
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icon Re: war0 (+3)  
Here's the next war hold. I guess 16 is as far as war goes, so now we've gone back to 0! If you are playing these holds in order, it's war!, war2, war3, war4, war5, war6, war7, war8, war9, war10, war11, war12, war13, war15, war16, war14, war0! (I'm starting to worry about the ducks. Haven't seen one in a while. Hope they're okay.)

This is war, of course, and if you're hoping for giant rooms filled to the bursting with way too many roach queens, tarstuff babies, goblins, guards, and stalwarts, you've chosen the right hold. My favorite roach queen room in war0 is 3W.

War0 introduces a new kind of war puzzle, involving cutscenes. Beethro walks into a room, does a few things, and suddenly he's stuck in a cutscene. All he can do is watch, while an army of stalwarts dukes it out with the other monsters in the room. The point of these rooms is to have Beethro in the right spot when the cutscene starts. Sometimes the cutscene ends after a certain number of turns, and the puzzle is to find a spot where Beethro doesn't die during the cutscene. Sometimes the cutscene ends after the room is clear, and the puzzle is to find a spot where Beethro distracts enough monsters such that those silly stalwarts can win. If you pick the wrong spot, and all the stalwarts die leaving Beethro stuck, just press "R" on your keyboard to restart the room and try a different spot. Even though the scripting is clunky (understatement), I enjoyed this refreshingly different type of puzzle.

This hold is completely linear, with no blue door at the end of the line. So this time, if you find clever ways to sneak through rooms without conquering them (I think there are at least 3 here), it's okay. You can carry on, and still use the end of hold stairs to conquer the hold.

Alright! Hopefully, you feel both intrigued and warned now. Fight! :starwars
10-31-2010 at 01:58 AM
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Someone Else
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icon Re: war0 (+1)  
I'm impressed by "to serve and protect" 3W!
It was actually a quite difficult room, and it felt more like a KDD style puzzle: no lynchpin, but figure out how to kill all the monsters.

All in all, I think this is my favourite war hold.
11-10-2010 at 11:31 PM
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icon Re: war0 (+2)  
"war0, what is it good for? Absolutely nothin!"

Not my actually feelings on this hold, just an excuse to shoehorn that line in - can't believe it hasn't been used before...

Personally, I feel this is one of the weaker in the war series - unlike CSR I found the initial cutscene rooms frustrating (even though I managed to bag a 1st place in one of them). After that we get the usual war staples - rooms full of roach queens, monsters, mimics, bombs etc. Standout rooms for me were:

4S1W - Mass serpent killing but the static elements produce quite an asthetically pleasing room.
4S2E - An interesting idea for a water based room although the execution could have been better.
4S - Use of movement preference is nicely done.

There's not much else to say - this is a war hold so you know what to expect.

My verdict:

Difficulty: 6
Fun: 6

Without struggle, there is no progress, so get up, get out, and go make the rest of your life the best of your life; you deserve to live the life that YOU want to live...

Progress - Gavin G
11-22-2011 at 04:00 PM
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