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This is the topic where you submit your entries. This is a special topic where only you and I can see what you've posted.

Although your free to edit, delete or resubmit at any time before the end of this contest, before you submit you might want to check some things

First, is the flag size smaller than 480 x 300 pixels?

Second, is the format something common, like png, jpg or gif, and not something like the photoshop format. A good way to check if the format your using is common is to see if you can open it in your browser. Don't use BMP, however, as it creates a ridiculously large file. In order to change the image format, you need to load the file up in something like paint and save it as something different. Don't just change the .xyx tag at the end of the filename, as it doesn't work and only makes your file confusing to people.

Oh, and remember to have fun. :)

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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : Contests : Flags of the eighth submission topic
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