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All weapons, currently, are held out in front of the player, allowing them to do many things in addition to merely having an ATK increase and various traits.

The graphic for this weapon, when Custom Weapons are used, is either uploaded as a custom tile, or defined by setting _MySword to a specific value so that already existing sword graphics can be used.

But... I've come across situations where it would be useful to create a weapon that does *not* give the player a sword, and instead keep them swordless. They still get the ATK increase and whatever boosts apply (Goblin weakness, 2x Greckles, Pierce Enemy Defense, etc.), but they don't get the advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) of having a weapon held out in front of them.

This currently doesn't seem possible. The logical way to implement it would be to simply set _MySword for the custom weapon to 0. The default value for _MySword is -1, and when _MySword is set to 0 on NPCs, it removes their sword. Since this value is currently not used for Custom Weapons, it can be safely repurposed to create weapons that keep the player swordless, offering yet another choice in the way to equip yourself.

(Also kinda hoping that the source for DROD RPG will be released sometime, but no big rush. In fact, no real rush on many of these requests I'm posting: I'm mentioning them so that it's easier to plan ahead and think about them when it's convenient)
09-17-2008 at 07:36 PM
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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Feature Requests : Weapons without reach (Repurposing of _MySword)
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