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What to do about feature requests? It's a bit of a problem, you see. There was a Golden Age of Feature Requests where attention was paid to every request submitted by a user, and they were guaranteed feedback directly from the DROD developers. We ended up with a lot of nice interaction between DROD creators and DROD players--in fact the distinction got wonderfully blurry. The trouble was that huge amounts of time were being spent on talking about feature requests, instead of doing things that got the next version of DROD released. So we had to abandon that lovely process and become a bit more detached.

Thusforthly, the Feature Request board was born. The vision is that you, the lowly DROD players can all post your ideas here--crazy, profound, pedestrian, brilliant, uninformed--and we, the real decisionmakers can quietly swoop down like vultures and snatch the tastiest morsels.

Heh. Okay, it isn't that bad. My point is: DROD development pushes on with no budget through volunteer efforts, and we are always fighting for time. If you post your feature request here, you should have certain expectations:

1. People from the DROD team are probably going to take a quick look at it, but not necessarily. The people who make decisions about what goes into DROD are unlikely to comment on what you submit, even if we really happen to like it. I just think it causes problems to be that involved.

2. This isn't a proving ground or gauntlet. You shouldn't feel obliged to pick apart every suggestion made here. If you want to have some arguments, no problem, but please don't take it very seriously. It is not part of some process by which we arrive at the feature requests that will be used in the game. (Note: I unstickied the Ray Gun post, because it seemed to imply that we had official rules for consideration of feature requests. I agreed with most everything Sokko wrote there, however.)

3. Please, don't post your ideas here if you are expecting anything in return for them, i.e. money, credits, attaboys. I value your creative participation, but if there are strings attached, it is just too much work to deal with it. Keep in mind that it's quite easy for two people to come up with the same or similar idea in DROD--it's already happened several times. At the first sign of trouble in this category, we'll stop taking any form of feature requests. I'm sure certain lawyers would already advise against providing a place for feature requests.

That said, I want you folks to have a nice time here!


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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Feature Requests : READ THIS BEFORE POSTING This topic has been locked
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