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as suggested by monkey i made this post a separate topic (i dont know if thats alright or anything)

checked out some other ocarina of time topics, i think a good way to do heart pieces is give them a code like in metdroid prime, when you have four you put them in your house (the codes) which gives you a code for entry to a secret room, these secret rooms are connected to any boss room where you can end the script of an npc in that room, when you're fighting the boss it checks if the npcs are in their position and weaken depending on the number of npcs not there, this is to give the effect of you being stronger instead of the boss getting weaker, there is no staircase for the first boss as normally you wouldnt be able to get 4 heart pieces by the time you fight him

for the first boss the gohma eggs are represented by the roach queen in the tail of the gohma queen structure, its three lives are represented by three evil eyes appearing one after the other only able to be killed once it leaves the body, when i figure out how to do the metdroid prime code thing, i will give the slingshot a code which can be used in the boss room instead of all the npcs but only when the eye is red (active) there is also a brain which represents its heart which, when you destroy, will represent its death, and when you destroy it along with the egg creator (tail or roach queen) will open the green door revealing a staircase to the boss room without the boss or with its corpse there as a picture to represent the dead boss

lastly, i desperately need to know how to script the metdroid codes i dont want to use the examples of having to collect items using orbs and yellow doors or ending scripts so if you know how to do the codes (ive played your space hold jason, i know you know how to do the scripting, hehehe) please help

edit: ive attached a file to demonstrate the first boss without slingshot scripting, please view it and npc scripts in level editor first, for jtrh or tcb
06-10-2007 at 06:30 AM
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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : ocarina of time on drod (also need help with scripting)
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