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Well, I know this has already been announced in three or four places, but just so you know the current state of things...

As of now, build 25, June 28th, we need more testers!

Mike has terminated all reported bugs with extreme prejudice. (Schik too, but Mike especially.) However, there are plenty of bugs left to discover, and now that we've dispatched 30 or 40 uglies, it takes more work to find those remaining defects that lay deeper. Ideally, we would be a bit behind the testers in getting fixes to reported bugs. To get through testing more quickly, we could really use some more DROD-savvy people. I want to be buried in bug reports and shovel my way out!

So if you can help, I would really appreciate it. There is another post that is sorta like a FAQ to get started.

Also, if you know someone who likes DROD or puzzle games in general, preferably with some good analytical and writing skills, maybe you could convince him to join the testing effort.

I have another incentive for testers that I'll be announcing in a bit. Well, it's just a small thing, but you'll see.


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06-28-2003 at 11:53 PM
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