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"Roaches in Our Midst", Contest for March

Patrick Fisher (AKA "Gamer_Extreme_101") is running our contest for March. That crazy Canuck wants you to make a cockroach, or at least the image of a cockroach, using items from the physical world (you know--that scary place you see if you turn your head too far left or right). Patrick is becoming quite practiced at this contest-running business. "Hi, I'm's Patrick Fisher. You may remember me from such contests as the Unfortunate Architect or the People's Choice Awards." This is sure to be an enjoyable little challenge for those with a creative bent.

"The Grand Audition" Contest Results

Clayton Weiss is quite bitter about only getting third place. He's wearing out the front of his shoes from all the sullen scuffwalking. Henri (Doom) also had victory seized violently from his white-knuckled grasp by Michael Abbott (Abbyzzmal). Hmm... Maybe I am making it sound more violent and dramatic than it really was.

Eight is Enough

If you participate in eight contests, you get to pick an item of your choosing from the Prize Pile. The Prize Pile, in case you didn't know, is a collection of prizes from different donators that can be won from contests.

Topic Picks for March

There are many more active forum topics, but these seemed especially promising to me. For those people receiving this by e-mail that haven't really taken a good look at the forum, I want to give you an idea about all the things we talk about here.

Ask Things About JtRH
A sprawling 13-page topic in which people express their abundant curiousity over the upcoming release of DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold.

Egg's Treasure Tower, Tacker Triology (DVD Architects Cut), Labyrinthitis expanded
Three new holds were released in February. For the uninitiated, a "hold" is a collection of levels in DROD. Fictionally speaking, it is a hollowed-out area beneath the surface in which certain sinister forces have taken an interest.

Unfinished Holds: The Citadel, Breven Dungeon, Deep Hold XXV, and More
There are several works in progress from different authors. They would like you to play their holds and give them feedback. Well, I shouldn't speak for them--maybe they don't want that at all. But probably they do.

Progressively Larger Objects
This is a game you play on the forum. It's fairly simple--you just think of an object that is larger than what the previous person posted about.

Good News, Everyone

Brad Wall got a job as a software engineer after patiently paying his dues. B0rsuk, our furry friend from Poland, managed to scrape together a school assignment in the eleventh hour with help from forum members. It seems his entire academic career was on the line, so we are glad he got the stupid thing done. Matt O'Leary (Malarme) returned from a voyage on the high seas, where he maintained machinery on the boat and didn't get into any fights like I was hoping he would.


Godkiller Gamedev streams (live sessions where I make a new puzzle game. NSFW, mature content)
youtube (archive of live streams, and some animated videos I made. Again, contains mature content.)
03-03-2005 at 11:44 PM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : The Illumination : Roaches in Our Midst. (News for March.)
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