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"The Grand Audition", a New Contest

We are casting for the part of a major character in DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold and this contest will hopefully locate somebody with a good voice and acting talent. It will also be fun to hear all the silly recordings people produce. You can enter the contest now. The cutoff date is February 21st. Complete rules and other details are found on the forum at the link below:

JtRH Update

What's left to do before we can release DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold? Not very much at all. We are mainly working on getting speech audio into the game. Mike is figuring out the online order page. I'm working on screens that show up when you exit the demo that get you to buy the game. The beta testers are finding few bugs these days, and frankly, getting a little bored since there doesn't seem to be much to do now.

"Predict the Future" Contest Results

Who can predict the future? Well, most everybody can, but some are better at it than others. Krammer grabbed up first prize in our now-concluded "Predict the Future" contest with three slightly impressive predictions. Rowrow and Tim won second and third prizes, apparently following a strategy similar to Krammer's. For both Krammer and Rowrow, this was their first DROD contest. For more info on contest results and a discussion about predictions, try this link:

The Prize Pile

If you win a contest, you can now choose something from the new Prize Pile, such as a Deluxe Diplomacy board game or the two Maus graphic novels donated by DiMono. The old prizes we offered (free JtRH CD, DROD t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc.) are still available, but you have many more choices now. We are asking forum members to donate prizes, but only if they really want to! The Prize Pile itself is found at this link:

Topic Picks for February

There are many more active forum topics, but these seemed especially promising to me. For those people receiving this by e-mail that haven't really taken a good look at the forum, I want to give you an idea about all the things we talk about here.

You know you play fairly too much DROD if you...
Many silly answers to this question found at the link below:

Egg's Treasure Tower and The Hilly Cave
Some new guys, Egg Egg and Dali, are making a solid effort to improve their holdmaking skills. Try out these holds and give them some good feedback.

Level Demos
It isn't enough to beat King Dugan's Dungeon. You gotta be the fastest and most efficient! People are posting their records in this topic.

Video Game Music
There is a poll and discussion about video music. How important is music in video games to you? Which games have great music?

The Anagram Game
Guess the original phrase from which an anagram was derived. And if you get it, then you can stump other people with yours.

The first time you saw evil.
Clayton seriouosly wants to know about the first time you saw evil. That was the original question and somehow we got sidetracked into a discussion of public restroom abuse, but it's all pretty interesting.


Godkiller Gamedev Sundays (live sessions where I make a new puzzle game. NSFW, mature content)
youtube (archive of live streams, and some animated videos I made. Again, contains mature content.)
02-07-2005 at 10:44 PM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : The Illumination : The Grand Audition and Other Tales. (News for February.)
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