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I will update this post as new predictions come in. I've locked the topic because the post is just intended for my recordkeeping. To submit new predictions or discuss predictions, use the Predict the Future post. Unless otherwise noted, all predictions below have been accepted into the contest.

bradwall 50%

1. I predict that PostgreSQL will release their full version of their 8.0 database. Although it is scheduled to happen, they have pushed this date back and back every week for the past couple of months. They keep coming up with new beta versions and new release candidate versions. It is (what people say) just going to be pushed back again (probably early next month), but my prediction is that it will finally happen before this contest is over. (TRUE!)

DiMono 40%

2. I Predict that there will be a snowfall greater than three inches in Toronto (TRUE!)

3. I Predict that exactly 3 of my predictions, not including this one, will come true. (TRUE!)

4. I Predict January 20 will arrive later than January 19. (TRUE!)

5. I predict episode 48 of Red vs Blue will not be made publicly available before the time to enter predictions for this contest passes (TRUE!)

eytanz 100%

6. I predict that something will happen, at somepoint, to someone, in a manner that totally doesn't involve the DROD forum. (TRUE!)

7. I predict that either it will rain in Spain on Saturday, Jan 22nd, or not. (TRUE!)

8. I predict that the New York Times will not use the word "Rutabaga" anywhere on the front page on any day not starting with a T between tomorrow (Friday the 14th) and the 22nd. (TRUE!)

9. I predict that the New York Times will not use the word "Rutabaga" anywhere on the front page on days starting with T, either. (TRUE!)

10. I predict that no player in the New York Mets will win the Miss America pageant at any point next week. (TRUE!)

11. I predict that neither the American nor the British legislature will pass a law that will add a new letter to the English alphabet between S and T. (TRUE!)

12. I predict that the population of Portugal will not exceed that of India. (TRUE!)

13. I predict that if one martian lands on Earth next week wearing a helmet, all the martians that land next week will wear helmets. (TRUE!)

Fafnir 80%

14. I predict that at least one company will fire more than twenty people at once. (TRUE!)

15. I predict that there will be at least one scientific discovery. TRUE!

16. I predict that there will be at least one tectonic event. (TRUE!)

17. I predict that the press will find something out about at least one celebrity that he/she didn't want them to know. (TRUE!)

18. I predict that the ID card scheme in the UK will remain on track. (TRUE!)

19. I predict that no delay will be announced regarding the new Harry Potter book (a bit more risky, this one) (TRUE!)

20. I predict that if an act of terror occurs, George Bush will try to use it to justify the war in Iraq. Yes, I know there's no connection. (TRUE!)

21. I predict that at least ten new (computer) pieces of malware will be created (this includes virii, trojans, worms, adware etc.) (TRUE!)

joker5 78.5714%

22. I predict that Bush will continue supporting his changes to the government. (TRUE!)

23. I predict that there will be no terrorist attack in the U.S. in North America, but I'm not saying anything about any U.S. Embassies. (TRUE!)

24. I predict that Putin will not take more action centralizing his power in Russia. (TRUE!)

25. I predict The RIAA will not make a crackdown on movie sharers. (TRUE!)

26. I predict that Bush will not 'press the offensive' against Iran or North Korea. (TRUE!)

27. I predict that one or more major staples of network television (Like The Simpsons) will drop in ratings. (TRUE!)

28. I predict that Gmail will not leave the beta phase. (TRUE!)

29. I predict that over one hundred pounds of pie will be bought or consumed worldwide. (TRUE!)

30. I predict a new Weebl and Bob episode. (TRUE!)

31. I predict 6 or more new Bob and George comics. (TRUE!)

32. I predict one new Eight-Bit Theater comic. (TRUE!)

krammer 100%

33. I predict that Aston Villa will be 11th in the Premiership on January the 23rd. (TRUE!)

34. I predict that it will rain in London at some time between January the 14th and January the 17th. (TRUE!)

35. I predict that DROD will not be mentioned on the BBC homepage on January 20th. (TRUE!)

masonjason 41.6667%

36. I predict that at least one of my two predictions above will not come true. (TRUE!)

37. I predict that in the MMORPG Kingdom of Loathing there will be a player with an ID number greater than 380000. (TRUE!)

38. I predict that the Jan 17 issue of Time Magazine will feature a flower-like atom design with a smiley face at its nucleus. (TRUE!)

39. I predict that any surjective function will be conceived of on the 19th of January that takes {1, 2, 3, ..., 50} to {1, 2, 3, ..., 50} will also be injective. (TRUE!)

40. I predict that Stjepan Mesić will win the second round of the Croatian presidential election. (TRUE!)

Mattcrampy 50%

41. Australia, or a team with an Australian player in it, will be defeated in a game of cricket (twenty-twenty, one day or test) that begins within the next two weeks. (TRUE!)

42. There will be a major health scare in the United States within the next month. (TRUE!)

MeckMeck GRE 10%

43. I predict FC Bayern will win the first next match (TRUE!)

Rabscuttle 33.3333%

44. I predict that the "Eric Conveys an Emotion" website will not be fixed before the end of the competition. (TRUE!)

RoboBob3000 14.2857%

45. I predict that the Falcons (NFL) will defeat the Rams. (TRUE!)

rowrow 100%

46. I predict that there won't be more than 300,000 deaths from tsunamis by the end of the week. (TRUE!)

47. I predict that it won't rain in Los Angeles until end of the week. (TRUE!)

48. I predict that there won't be more than 50 states in America by the end of the week. (TRUE!)

strabo 20%

49. I predict that on 23/01/05 the JtRH will _still_ be at 89.35% (TRUE!)

Tim 100%

50. I predict that at 01/22/2005 4:00PM, that is in negative 3 days, 19 hours, 32 minutes the BBC news main web page: will contain at least one of the following words: "Resignation", "Bombing", "Peace", "Notes", "DROD", and "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" (TRUE!)

51. I predict that from now till 01/23/2005 12:00AM all of the following will happen removed for brevity provided JtRH is released (officially) before that time. (TRUE!)

52. I predict that at 01/23/2005 12:00AM all of the following persons (I mean the well-known people with that name, not other people that happen to have that name as well) will still be alive*): a) George W. Bush b) Tony Blair c) Britney Spears d) Madonna (TRUE!)

TripleM 50%

53. I predict that Australia will beat the West Indies in this afternoons one-day cricket game. (If you don't know anything about cricket, I'll tell you Australia are the world champions, but West Indies are another very good team). (TRUE!)

54. I predict Manchester United will beat Aston Villa. (TRUE!)

55. I predict Chelsea will beat Portsmouth. (TRUE!)

56. I predict there will be at least one draw in the round (not including the Arsenal v Newcastle match, which I think is after the cutoff.) (TRUE!)

ZMann 50%

57. I predict there will be precipitation in Seattle, Washington on January 18th. (TRUE!)

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