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Author Name:Meta
Submitted By:Meta
Hold Name:Accessory Training Facility
Author's Difficulty:
Number of Levels:1
Number of Rooms:11
Number of Monsters:59
Version:DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale (1.2)
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File: Accessory Training Facility v3.1.drh (4.5 KB)
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License: Other
From: Unspecified
icon Accessory Training Facility  
This is a hold exploring accessory uses. There are five score points in total, together with some additional challenges. The hold has some optimization focus.
07-22-2020 at 09:07 PM
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icon Re: Accessory Training Facility (+5)  
Some RPG holds are not about traditional RPG gameplay. For example, Paycheck is a large puzzle about door opening and closing, and 67-th Grayman adventures is a puzzle about hot tiles. Accessory Training Facility is a big puzzle about accessories.

You are provided one copy of each of the stock accessories, and then asked to score as high as you can. The actual rooms are extremely simple and basic, most of them are just the same room repeated over and over. The focus is much more on the accessories.

Getting the top score is actually pretty difficult. Some accessories have a clear use, but others do not.

There are a number of scorepoints each with their own way of reaching and optimising them.

I enjoyed the hold, but its very different. A lot of the accessories are not present in most holds and the sorts of things you do with accessories here do not necessarily carry over to other holds. But it's nice to see a hold with a strong focus on the accessory mechanics.
10-24-2020 at 05:12 PM
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