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So I got the idea for this while I was working on balancing Twice Twice and the other RPG hold I brought up at one point, so I'm deciding to put up a little tech demo of what I've been working on building now.

"Two-Player DROD?" I imagine some may be wondering And to answer, no, and simultaneously yes. Think of the main series' clones and squad horns. That's kinda what's happening here - you get 2 characters to work with, each with their own stats and inventories! There are also some quirks the two have that differentiate one from the other to try and keep things generally interesting. Also can I just say, setting this up to work as I desired was an honest mess (literally, look through the whole variable list, there's 2 sets of nearly-identical custom variables to manage the characters' stats and inventories).

This demo is currently just a little 2-room demo. The first room demonstrates a couple tricks that're caused by either the NPCs' script processing order or an engine-caused accessory trait (that I can't deal with at all due to how the accessory in question works, but does probably allow for some interesting shenanigans). The second room is more of a legitimate mini-hold to get kinda an idea of how to play with a tag-team like this.

Things to expect in the future (and some fun side notes):
- I'm thinking to upload new demos of the hold for every 2 main levels I build and balance as I want them to be balanced. Part of me's also considering implementing a difficulty modifier if desired.
- I do plan to add an inventory-sharing system so that the 2 characters can swap their equipment, greckles, and keys around at some point, don't worry!
- The inactive character's entry delay when changing rooms probably won't be so long as it is here (which is main-series Halph's entry delay of 5 turns).
- Part of me's wanting this hold's semi-plot to happen in the post-Turning Eighth. Whether or not I actually follow through with that, we'll see.
- Random "Guess the Reference" with the hold's title! There's a Japanese game in particular I decided to make a reference to here that I absolutely love even if it's a very brutal game, so take a shot at guessing what it is, and you'll probably win a rank point or something.

Hold stuff I guess!
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My personal mindset about making holds is to create puzzles that provide a challenge for beginners, but still serve as fun little exercises for veterans.

Random DROD RPG Score-Point Sheet Template I quickly created if you wanna easily keep track of all your individual score-points in a hold! Score-Sheet Template
03-25-2019 at 03:49 AM
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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Architecture : Setting Off Together (Demo) (A "Two-Player" Hold)
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