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It's my first RPG hold! Well, kind of.

This is just a room with a Pocket Roach in it, as well as a pressure plate and some other accessories for testing stuff.

The script itself contains two parts:
1. Pocket Roach: this is the accessory. Do not place this in a room.
2. Pocket Roach (released): this is the pocket roach as it would be placed in a room. It is mobile by default and will walk towards the player. This is what should be placed into a room.

There are two ways to give the player a Pocket Roach. Either place a Pocket Roach (released) into a room, or use scripting to give the player Pocket Roach.

Possibly Unintuitive Behaviour:

-The Pocket Roach acts like a regular accessory while held, so picking up another accessory will swap the Pocket Roach out. In this case, the Pocket Roach will sit motionless in the accessory slot on the ground.
- This also means that while you are holding an accessory, you cannot pick up a Pocket Roach (released), but you can pick up a motionless Pocket Roach that you previously placed into an accessory slot.

Changes from Tendry's Tale:

-The Pocket Roach is not animated.
-The player makes no sound or speech while releasing the Pocket Roach; since this would depend on player role anyway, it's too much hassle to implement. Do it yourself if you really want it.

Thanks to skell for permission to use the Pocket Roach graphic from Tendry's Tale in this script.

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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Architecture : Pocket Roach (scripted accessory)
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