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This is an "un"-challenge, but I don't know where else to post it. Perhaps there should be a new category for these sorts of things.

The reason for my term "un-challenge" is because I found a non-straightforward (and seemingly little-known, in the DROD hint area at least) way of beating this level that makes it actually far less challenging than it was originally intended to be!

You seek victory by killing the two roach mamas stuck on arrows in the indentations of the "I"-shaped brick in the middle of the screen first; after that the rest was cake. Well, almost--the roach at the bottom left is a bit of a trick again, depending on the order you kill the roaches in, but probably not too bad--I got it on the first try.

The ONLY main tricky thing about this approach is:

Click here to view the secret text

but that can be done so you are at the yellow door as the first batch of roaches is hatching. If you do that (and it's not nearly as hard as the more straightforward way of passing the room), you have saved yourself a ton of headache!

The other part that may perhaps be slightly tricky (though again, the room has become a lot easier) is the roach mama in the bottom left corner. Here's the secret to beating that roach:

Click here to view the secret text

I don't think that will cause much difficulty for the experienced DRODder (and if you are on level 25, you are probably very experienced), but maybe that can be a small challenge as well.

Armed with those tricks, however, this room becomes an un-challenge! Anyone else have an un-challenge they've discovered for an otherwise tough level?


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06-07-2003 at 04:58 AM
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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Challenges : Level 25, 1N2W Un-Challenge
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