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At the moment, the only available options for character vulnerability states are "Invulnerable" and "Vulnerable". Invulnerable means absolutely nothing kills the character except for briar growing on top of it and maybe dropping it into pits or water if it's the kind of monster that has gravity and can't live in water; vulnerable means absolutely anything can kill it. There's also the "Ghost display" level of vulnerability, where it doesn't die to anything because it doesn't "exist" in some sense.

But the default monsters have a few more, rather interesting vulnerability states. Wubbas are immune specifically to things like swords and body kills, but die to hot tiles, explosions, and firetraps. Decoys die to everything but monster bites, to which they are deliberately immune.

The following are distinct categories of vulnerability states which it would be cool to be able to toggle individually:
-Sword strikes (including caber crushing, dagger, sword, etc.)
-Monster bites ("body kill" of roaches, water skippers, slayers, et al)
-Briar (maybe it'd be cool to have a character that can't die to briar without it being "nonexistent"? Probably should cause briar to grow around it like it does hot tiles)
-Hot Tile
-Firetrap (Wubbas can distinguish this from sword strikes so characters should also be able to)

Probably a good idea to have a separate command for handling vulnerability states instead of trying to lump this in with Imperatives. If this is too much trouble then at least an Imperative "Wubba Vulnerability State" and Imperative "Decoy Vulnerability State" would be helpful for things like custom wubba-likes or decoy-likes.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Feature Requests : More vulnerability states (current system has a few limitations...)
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