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Author Name:Leylite
Submitted By:Chaco
Hold Name:Rock Candy Mines
Theme:Classic, simple gameplay
Author's Difficulty:
Number of Levels:4
Number of Rooms:60
Number of Monsters:317
Version:DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale (1.2)
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File: rockcandymines_sep22.drh (18.8 KB)
Downloaded 322 times.
License: Other
From: Unspecified
icon Rock Candy Mines  
Here's a relatively simple hold, which represents my attempt to make a very focused build. This hold should be fairly easy to beat with regular attention paid to choices, but it should be fairly well balanced with respect to routing, as well as many incidental choices. Therefore, I hope optimizing this hold should be pitched at that perfect point between being too easy, and too difficult, and that it'll be great to spot a subtle point. This hold should make clear the differences between "immediate costs" and "opportunity costs".

This hold contains no particular plot, no speech or cutscenes, and no DROD puzzles. It also has no hot tiles or Aumtlich. Goblin and eyeball hits are very infrequent, so for the most part it is just statistic optimization, not any kind of movement puzzle.

Thanks to testers:

Someone Else
12-12-2016 at 12:49 AM
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icon Re: Rock Candy Mines (0)  
It looks like Chaco read my mind, because I was really looking forward for a relatively simple, classic gameplay hold, since I played all RPG holds out there. I think that the architect managed to do what he said in the first topic, which is building a hold that is both easy and hard to optimize, with many routes avaible but still no one specific in mind that trivialize the hold.
One thing I'd like to point out is that the hold IS backtrackable, I don't think this is always obvious.

Well done, even though the hold is short it's quite funny and once again (at least from my perspective) you managed to accomplish what you had in mind.

There's not some other world out there where everything's gonna be okay.
There's just this one, just this rock.
-33th Skywatcher
12-13-2016 at 02:27 PM
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