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Nova-111 is a game that combines turn-based gameplay with real time events. An example of this is an enemy that lays down bombs that have a timer that ticks down whether you make any moves or not. The enemy itself only moves in response to your moves, and it can also teleport which seems to help it avoid its own bombs. There are also environmental hazards that you activate by moving close to them and which then discharge in set period of real time.

It is built around square grid movement in the four main directions and attacking enemies by trying to move into their squares. You have some health points, but so few it suggests you need to avoid most enemy attacks by learning their patterns. The goal is apparently to rescue scientists whose names are puns of famous real scientists and get to the exit on each level. It is also tagged as a puzzle game, but I'm not sure what sorts of puzzles appear on later levels. Early on it's mostly about exploring and learning the combat mechanics.

I only know about this game from watching someone play it on Twitch. It does look well made and fun game, and I will try it out some day when I have fewer games in my backlog.

However, I think the game is worthy of discussion for attempting to combine turn-based gameplay with real time. If you have any thoughts on how well they pulled this off, please share.

You can find out more from the web page below, including where to purchase. Steam is one option.

10-14-2016 at 11:41 AM
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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Electronic Games : Nova-111 (Turn-based game with real-time elements)
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